U-Lock 64/120HB150

U-Lock 64/120HB150


  • 11 mm round shackle
  • Shackle double bolted in the lock body
  • The shackle, the case as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of special hardened steel
  • Very intensive use of special weight-optimized alloy and light material
  • ABUS Plus cylinder for high protection against manipulations, e.g. picking
  • Two keys are supplied with the lock, one LED-lighted
  • ABUS Code Card for additional or replacement key

Technical data:

Level: 11
Weight [lbs]: 1.60
Height [inch]: 5 29/32
Width [inch]: 2 41/64
diameter [inch]: 7/16


U-Lock 64/120HB230+TexKF

Level: 11
Weight [lbs]: 2.05
U-Lock 64/120HB150

Level: 11
Weight [lbs]: 1.60



The U-lock is a classic when it comes to securing bikes, and for good reason. Solid materials and no moving parts outside the lock mechanism are an excellent starting point for the strongest resistance possible. Decades of experience with the U-lock have made us experts in combining the most resistant materials with unique technology, and consequently one of the leading U-locks manufacturers. By the way: the police and insurance companies ...
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