Steel cable 8/250

  • Additional security item to secure components
  • Multiple purpose cable for garden, house, leisure activities and work

Steel cable 8/250

Securing your motorbike against theft with a good lock is always extremely important. Of course, the same applies to helmets and accessories. ABUS provides you with security solutions in these areas that are flexible and versatile.

Technology and features:

  • High quality steel cable with two loop ends
  • Synthetic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle‘s paintwork


  • The Cobra-Loop-Cables are a very useful complement for U-shackle, frame and padlocks
  • Cable locks stand out due to good flexibility and quite low weight
  • This cable is available in various lengths and thicknesses
Weight [g]: 395 g
design color: black
diameter: 8 mm
length: 250 cm
Steel cable 8/250

Weight [g]: 395 g
length: 250 cm
Steel cable Cobra 8/250 black 

Weight [g]: 395 g
length: 250 cm
Steel cable Cobra 12/180 black 

Weight [g]: 490 g
length: 180 cm
Steel cable Cobra 10/200 black 

Weight [g]: 400 g
length: 200 cm
Steel cable Cobra 10/500 black 

Weight [g]: 850 g
length: 500 cm
Steel cable Cobra 10/1000 black 

Weight [g]: 1580 g
length: 1000 cm
Steel cable Cobra 12/120 black 

Weight [g]: 380 g
length: 120 cm


Flexible Steel Cables

Our steel cables are highly flexible and versatile. The two ends of the COBRA cables for example are looped so that they can be intertwined and locked with a padlock. With a security cable, your valuables can easily be tied to one another or to a fixed object. ...
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