Hasp 141/200 white

141/200 white

For vans, panel vans, and storage containers: Our DI141 Diskus® Integral hasp has an integrated Diskus® lock for universal use.

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Our DI141 DISKUS® Integral hasp is a security hasp with an integrated Diskus® lock and fits most common transport and storage containers.

Versatile double protection: With our Diskus® Integral hasps, you can secure doors and gates without rebates. Our Diskus® Integral hasps were specially designed to secure vehicle panel and sliding doors. However, they are just as good for protecting barns and containers from being broken open. The integrated Diskus® lock of 70 millimeters is protected all around against breaking open and against splash water by a robust metal lock casing. Frontal cylinder access enables convenient operation.
  • Made in Germany


  • Universal hasp with integrated Diskus® padlock (70 mm) for doors and gates without rebate
  • Easy to operate with one hand due to handy frontal cylinder access
  • Extremely corrosion resistant cylinder
  • Solid metal locking case almost completely prevents successful attacks on the integrated padlock
  • Fixing material (screws, drilling template and spacers up to 5 mm height levelling) and Diskus® lock are included
  • Extremely corrosion resistant

Operation and use

  • Universal hasp with integrated Diskus® padlock to secure doors and gates without rebate
  • Will fit on most common transport and storage containers
  • Also ideal for use on double wing doors (transporters, box waggons)


  • Colours: white, black
  • Individually boxed without lock (if need be without screws)
  • Material to level differences of up to 5 mm is included


General downloads:

colour: white
Width b: 87,3 mm
Weight [g]: 1270 g
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Width a: 222 mm
Hole Diameter c: 13,4 mm
Security Level Home Security: 10
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