Diskus® Padlock 24IB/70 Ecolution B/DFNLI

  • To secure goods of higher value or at a high risk of theft
  • Ideal for use in severe weather conditions (e.g. in coastal regions, to secure goods on vehicles and boats in outdoor use)
  • To secure e.g. lorries, doors, gates, sheds, cellars, wardrobes, etc.
  • Ideal in combination with the ABUS Diskus Hasp 140, shackle cannot be accessed with tools

Diskus® Padlock 24IB/70 Ecolution B/DFNLI

Technology and features:

  • Body, inner components and shackle completely made from stainless steel for extreme corrosion resistance
  • Cylinder cover – maximum protection against dirt and splash water
  • Nickel plated cylinder for optimum weather resistance
  • Original Diskus Design: 360° protected
  • Additional protection against sawing
  • Diskus® Deep-Welding Technology – top protection against breaking
  • Precision pin cylinder with anti-pick pins
  • Key retaining: Locking only with key (key cannot be taken off in opened position)
  • Incl. two keys
  • Made in Germany
Technical drawing
Level: 8
Depth e: 31 mm
Height f: 70 mm
Horizontal clearance b: 20 mm
Key Blank: 12874
No. of keys supplied: 2 keys incl.
Schließung: keyed different
Shackle diameter d: 10 mm
Vertical clearance c: 17 mm
Weight [g]: 320 g
Width a: 70 mm
color of facets: green



Innovative, corrosion-resistant coatings, high-quality materials for a long lifespan, lubricants suitable for use in the food industry, PVC-free vinyl jackets, packaging made from recycled and recyclable material. These "ingredients" form the basis of our Ecolution™ product range. With an approach that is consistently committed to ecological protection, we are making a clear statement in support of the environment, while catering for the ...
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