TITALIUM™ Padlocks - Strong, Lightweight, Innovative

TITALIUM™ is a special aluminium alloy that uniquely combines a high level of strength with lightness just like in the aircraft or automobile industry. The contemporary material implementation is reflected in the design of the products: TITALIUM™ series padlocks all feature an impressive stainless steel finish.

TITALIUM™ - A New Generation of Padlocks

The TITALIUM™ range is the new reference for padlocks. With approximately 30% reduced weight compared to traditional brass padlocks with at least the same level of security, the TITALIUM™ lock series becomes an attractive alternative.

There are many applications where reliable security but also weight is significant, for example travel and transportation.

Within the TITALIUM™ range, there are three standard lines in various sizes for individual security requirements. With the flagship 80TI series, the main 64TI range and the entry-level 54TI series, ABUS offers a versatile range of security solutions for both private and commercial applications.

In addition, ABUS offers specialized TITALIUM™ locks like the weather-resistant 90RK, the rekeyable 83AL, the Monoblock 82TI, or the 86TI which can even be operated with door half cylinders.

More information about TITALIUM™

TITALIUM™ brochure
Information about our TITALIUM™ padlock series – security for the future.

Here you will find the new generation of padlocks in moving pictures.