We have specialised on development and manufacture for many years now. When it comes to sales and service, our partners are traditionally your first choice to contact.

This is possible with many of our padlock series. Look out for the "Keyed Alike" icon or simply contact your local ABUS dealer.

ABUS provides a comprehensive service for all profile cylinders. Please order the door cylinders that you require from your specialist dealer by presenting a key.

To look after the lock and keep it turning easily, use a lock spray and lubricate the lock. We recommend our PS 88 lock spray.

Please get in touch with your local ABUS dealer. You can order a new key from him by giving the number of the key or presenting a master key.

The ABUS combination mechanism is extremely complicated and secure. That's why your combination lock cannot be opened without knowing the programmed code – even by us.

It is absolutely imperative that you present a master key or have the key number. Regrettably, a new key cannot be made for you without this information, even by us.

These abbreviations have the following meanings:

  • B/SB: blister packaging for self-service
  • EK: single box
  • gl.: one-key-fits-all (one key for multiple products)
  • vs.: individually keyed (only the keys supplied for that product will work)

These differences lie in the products’ locking operations. If multiple products use one and the same key, it is wise to use one of these locking operations. One key with the same number will then work for all locks. There are no technical differences between the products.

White and brown are always available, but increasingly silver is also being offered in the range. Information about this can be found under each version in the product descriptions.

With DIN left, the hinges are visible on the left-hand side of the window/door; with DIN right, on the right-hand side.

ABUS uses colours similar to the following RAL colours: white: RAL 9016, brown: RAL 8014, silver: RAL 9006.

RAL colours are standardised colours, whereby a unique number has been assigned to each colour. This ensures exact reproduction of colours e.g. during painting, varnishing etc. and no variations. As such, the colour of the additional window lock or additional door lock can be matched exactly to the colour of the window frame.

Further FAQs