Good to know: The most important differences when it comes to keys

Conventional keys and reversible keys, code cards and owner protection cards, technical and legal copy protection. The differences aren't always clear. Here we will explain them to you.

Code Card vs. Owner Protection Card

If the cylinder is equipped with a key that has a code number, the code can be found on the key head or on the code card that comes with it. In case you need a replacement key, a locksmith will create it using this code number. A code card has the advantage that your key never leaves your possession. You simply give the locksmith your code card and then he will create a replacement key for you.

Owner protection cards guarantee the highest level of security. They are created for patented door cylinders. Only the person who possesses the owner protection card and can present it to a locksmith will receive a replacement key. That way you have peace of mind, knowing that no unauthorized person can get your key copied and thus gain access to your house or property.

Reversible Key vs. Conventional Key

Unlike conventional keys, reversible keys can be used with either side. This means that the key will fit into the lock and lock it regardless of which direction it is facing when it is inserted. A reversible key provides a lot more comfort, especially in bad lighting or for people with impaired vision.

Additionally, the reversible key does not have any sharp-edged grooves. This makes carrying it in a pocket for example much more comfortable.     

Reversible and Conventional Key

Technical vs. Legal Copy Protection

In regards to copy protection for keys, there is a difference between technical and legal copy protection. Legal copy protection means that a patent or trademark exists to guarantee that no other manufacturer is allowed to manufacture your key in the same way. This means that identical key molds can not enter circulation and thus cannot be used by a random person to create a copy of your key.

Strong technical copy protection means that the technical composition of the key ensures that the key cannot be copied by standard commercial key copying machines.

In making your decision to purchase a new cylinder, be sure that the lock system you utilize has high technical as well as legal copy protection.

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