Industrial Safety Products for Lockout/Tagout Applications

Lockout/Tagout (short: LOTO) is a safety procedure which is used in industrial production facilities to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut off and not started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or servicing work. It requires that hazardous power sources be "isolated and rendered inoperative" before any repair procedure is started. "Lock and tag" works by locking e.g. a switch or valve with a hasp or plastic device, and placing it in such a position that no hazardous power sources can be turned on. A tag is then affixed to the locked device indicating that it should not be turned on. ABUS offers many industrial safety products from padlocks to lockout devices, hasps and labels.

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Lockout Labels

Lockout/Tagout labels call out DANGER or allow a special area where the employee's name, department and other information can be written in with a permanent marker. The labels are made of ...


Lockout Devices

ABUS offers a number of lockout devices and safety hasps for switches, power outlets, valves, compressed air connections, and many more. Special additions to our program are the unique and ...


Safety Padlocks

ABUS offers a variety of safety padlocks for many different lockout applications. Our 72 Anodized Aluminium Series is very lightweight and can be engraved to personalize or number different ...