ABUS Safety Padlocks for Various Requirements

ABUS offers a variety of safety padlocks for many different lockout applications. Our 72 Anodized Aluminium Series is very lightweight and can be engraved to personalize or number different locks. Padlocks of the 41 Laminated Steel Series offer good balance between safety and security requirements. The T84MB Brass Series is best used in environments where the danger of sparks should be minimized and finally, there are our plastic-covered 74 Series safety locks which are completely insulated against electric shocks and come with lockout stickers in three different languages.


Our anodized aluminium padlocks are an ideal choice for safety lockout applications because they are made of a very lightweight and non-magnetic material. The anodized lock body is the ...



With a solid brass body and shackle as well as non-corrosive internal materials, these safety padlocks can be used around salt water and in harsh environments. The brass shackle is also a ...


Laminated Steel

Our laminated steel padlocks are suitable for both safety and security purposes. They are made in Germany and their high-quality recycled steel laminates are individually coated with a ...



Our plastic-covered safety padlocks are completely insulated against electric shock, non-magnetic and non-sparking. Ideal for temperamental environments and confined-space applications. The ...