The ABUS Academy: Training for partners

The quality of security measures hinges not only on the products themselves. On-site services such as advice, planning and installation form a key part of an end-to-end security system. Therefore, ABUS offers its partners a comprehensive training programme in the areas of mechanical and electronic security (video and alarm technology) and mobile security.

ABUS Academy – Training partner for the police and insurance companies

The training competence that ABUS offers is regularly used by official institutions as well. As a recognised training provider for German state criminal investigation authorities in the area of mechanical security, ABUS trains the police, new recruits and insurance staff on security and protection against break-in.

Mechanical security

Our dealers are trained to use our mechanical security products and are up-to-date with the latest trends.


Video and alarm technology

Specially developed training courses prepare our dealers for working with our product range and obtain certification.


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