Safety Lockout – ABUS for the first time at the A+A trade fair

The A+A trade fair, the world's largest specialist event dedicated to safety and security at work, took place this year from November 5-8 in Düsseldorf. At the event, the security specialist ABUS presented its range of padlocks for lockout/tagout purposes, thereby demonstrating its expertise in the field of industrial safety to an international audience in the context of its first ever appearance at A+A.

Avoiding accidents at work

“Lockout” refers to the practice of attaching covers of various kinds to switches, valves or buttons in order to prevent access. This is standard practice in the maintenance of open machines all over the world and is an important health and safety measure aimed at avoiding personal injury. ABUS offers an extensive range of padlocks for securing these covers as one could find out in person at the trade show.

With its presence at the A+A in Düsseldorf, ABUS follows its longtime strategic course. With a wide range of innovative safety solutions the security specialist covers many areas of everyday life, and will in the future also focus more intensively on specialty products for businesses.

Interview: ABUS at the A+A trade fair

Zac Twight from ABUS USA talks in an interview about a 2-way communication strategy, which enables him to learn about the need of his customers  (source).

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ABUS Padlocks for Safety Lockout

Lockout/Tagout (short: LOTO) is a safety procedure which is used in industrial production facilities to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut off and not started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or servicing work. ABUS offers many LOTO options from our 72 Anodized Aluminum Series, the 41 Laminated Steel Series, T84MB Brass Series and our 74 Non-Conductive Series as well as lockout hasps.  Find out more

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