ABUS Secvest Wireless Alarm System Protects the Art Nouveau Church of St Nikolaus

The art nouveau Church of St Nikolaus in Essen, Germany, was built over 100 years ago and is one of the oldest churches in the region. With its artistic stained glass windows and magnificent chancel with intricate gold work it is both a place for reflection and an invaluable work of art. Hard to understand, then, how anyone could disturb the peace of the church, something which has sadly occurred on several occasions, with burglars having broken into the vestry, stolen items and even damaged the church itself. To draw a line under all this, an ABUS Secvest wireless alarm system has recently been installed to safeguard the church and adjoining rectory, ensuring that this historic church and the precious religious artefacts within are protected against vandalism and theft. 

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Fact sheet

Application area: Public institutions
Object: Art Nouveau Church of St Nikolaus
Location: Essen (Germany)
Project goal: Protection of the art nouveau Church of St Nikolaus and the adjoining rectory against burglary

Case Study Church of St Nikolaus

Challenge and solution

Protection of the church premises

  • Installation of perimeter protection in the church premises with ABUS wireless motion detectors
  • Installation of an ABUS wireless universal module to bridge long transmission paths
  • Quick installation and easy setup of the wireless alarm system

Usability and reliability of the alarm system

  • Control of the Secvest wireless alarm system using a key in the Secvest wireless additional door lock, proximity chip keys, PINs and Secvest App
  • Easy integration of the wireless alarm system into the everyday life of the users
  • Intuitive use and reliable protection

Integration of wireless smoke alarm detector

  • Combination of alarm protection and Secvest wireless smoke alarm detector during christmas season
  • Reliable allround protection from fire and burglary

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