The right prescription for more security: ABUS secures pharmacies

Pharmacies are often the target of shoplifting, burglaries and robberies. Criminals are particularly interested in the stock of goods, but also in cash and high-quality technical items. In addition to considerable financial damage, this often results in psychological stress for pharmacy owners, staff and customers. Forward-looking pharmacy owners therefore take precautions in the event of an emergency, as do pharmacy owners Sandra and Matthias Walter from Stuttgart. They operate two pharmacy branches and rely on ABUS to provide security for them and their private homes. 

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Fact sheet

Application area: Health and social care
Object: Pharmacies in Stuttgart, Germany
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Project goal: Securing of two pharmacy branches and the private house of the pharmacy owners

Case Study Romeo Apotheke in Stuttgart

Challenge and solution

Time to act

  • Several burglary attempts in the past – in the two pharmacy branches "Apotheke im Romeo" and "Romeo Apotheke Tapachstraße" as well as in private homes
  • Pharmacy owners looked for reliable safety solutions that were as easy to operate as possible to avoid false alarms in the densely populated area
  • All-round coherent concept by the company "DuoNova Safety Engineering" under the direction of security specialist Carsten Reimer
  • The ABUS wireless alarm system Secvest, supported by numerous sensors and supplementary components, forms an optimal unit with the electronic access control system ABUS CodeLoxx

Best possible response to structural challenges

  • One of the two pharmacies is integrated in a listed building – due to the wireless technology, it was largely possible to do without cables
  • Installation could be carried out quickly during operation
  • Principle of inevitability: protected area can only be entered if the alarm system is "inevitably" disarmed in order to avoid false alarms

Mobile access and flexibility in the allocation of authorisations round off the security concept

  • The reliable overall concept is intuitive and can be operated while on the move
  • In the event of an alarm for one of the three objects, the pharmacy owners Sandra and Matthias Walter immediately receive a notification on their smartphone
  • Direct access via App: Sandra and Matthias Walter can, for example, activate or deactivate the Secvest wireless alarm system with just a few clicks and grant access via the electronic CodeLoxx cylinders

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