Locking system in Z14 and XZ14 to secure show rooms

Glashütte has been one of the most important centres for clock-making for more than 160 years. Until today watches from Glashütte stand for precision and high-quality mechanics.
In May 2008 the local watch-and-clock-making museum was opened. There are more than 400 exhibits on an area of 1000 m² on two floors.

A suitable key system which goes beyond the standard demands had to be chosen so that the valuable exhibits of the museum are protected appropriately. In accordance with the top priority of clockmakers – precision – the combination of security and precision of ABUS was chosen.

Fact sheet

Application area: Public institutions
Object: German watch-and-clock-making museum Glashütte
Location: Glashütte, Germany
Project goal: Locking system to secure show rooms

Challenge and solution

Use of a precise key system

  • System Z14 with precision profile
  • High technical copy protection 

Upgrading the security

  • Increased security because of an additional row of pins in system XZ14
  • Second locking row extends the authority request and makes manipulation more complicated

Questions & answers

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