Key system for security in an American shopping centre

The shopping centre on 80.000 m² was opened in 2009. It offers the soldiers of the American military base near Kaiserslautern a broad choice of restaurants as well as shopping and entertainment facilities.

ABUS has found the appropriate solution so that the soldiers of the American military base can enjoy their free time in a convenient and safe environment and meet the requirements of the operator at the same time.

Fact sheet

Application area: Trade
Object: Military Community Center
Location: Kaiserslautern, Germany
Project goal: Mechanical key system for special requests

Challenge and solution

Effective security against unauthorized access

  • Use of system Y14 with complex profile construction for high copy protection
  • Bent precision shape for effective picking protection 

Adaption of cylinder lengths

  • Individual adaption of cylinder lengths because of the Modular system

Special request

  • Use of cylinders with locking function on one side and dummy on the other side as well as knob cylinders indicating „engaged“  

Questions & answers

Security glossary