Celebrate safely – ABUS video surveillance at the Electrisize Festival

Incidents at international music events, such as those in Paris and Manchester, have unfortunately shown that enjoying a concert is no longer the carefree experience it once was. Major events organisers therefore have a responsibility to ensure that their visitors are as safe as possible. This means that security technology and staff need to work together even more effectively so attendees can really enjoy themselves. The organisers of the Electrisize Festival in Erkelenz, Germany, one of the largest dance music festivals in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia, therefore rely on the combination of ABUS video surveillance and trained personnel to provide comprehensive round-the-clock protection for their visitors. With the help of Outdoor IP Tube Cameras and Outdoor IP PTZ Dome Cameras, which can zoom in to look at individual people, criminal behaviour is detected quickly and prevented effectively. Video recording ensures that even unresolved cases can be cleared up at a later date. 

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Fact sheet

Application area: Culture and entertainment
Object: Electrisize Festival
Location: Erkelenz, Germany
Project goal: Securing the compound of Electrisize Festival, Germany

Case Study Electrisize Festival Erkelenz

Challenge and solution

Protection against suspicious characters, dangerous items and fire hazards

  • ABUS video surveillance supporting safety checks in the entrance area
  • Pant- and zoom capability of the IP PTZ Dome Cameras in realtime for the detection of suspicious characters and items on the festival grounds
  • Comprehensive overview for a quick reaction of the security personnel in case of fire

Quick, no hassle installation

  • Installation of Outdoor IP Tube Cameras and Outdoor IP PTZ Dome Cameras to overlook the 3 festival stages and affiliated dance floors 
  • Competent consulting and ensuing quick 2-day installation by the security specialist 
  • Laying of a total of 1700 m of network cable in order to set up video surveillance system
  • Professional, plain camera design that unobtrusively fits into the festival setting and does not disturb the festival feeling of the visitors

Centralised round-the-clock surveillance of large areas

  • Securing of the entrance area, the 3 stages and all hidden walking paths
  • Excellent image quality of the cameras at dusk and night times, due to night vision function
  • Stable camera image at all weather conditions, including heat and summer storm, thanks to IP66 protection class

The entire festival in the palm of your hand with the app

  • Recording of video material on ABUS 8-Channel Video Recorder for retroactive solving of incidents
  • Live-view of camera image for festival staff – comfortably via smartphone and tablet

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