8-Channel Analogue HD Video Recorder (Art. no. TVVR33008)

  • 8-channel video recorder for individual configuration
  • Live display and recording in real-time and in HD resolution (720p)
  • Simple and intuitive operation using a mouse
  • Recording via motion detection, following a time schedule or continuously
  • Save to 2.5" hard disk drive (hard disk drive not included)
  • Recorder compatible with analogue HD and analogue cameras
  • Mobile access via the ABUS iDVR app
  • Full HD Ready (1080p): Recording and playback with 12 frames per second
  • Simple connection of cameras using a standard coaxial cable (BNC connector)
  • Ideal for upgrading old analogue systems to HD or full HD resolution

8-Channel Analogue HD Video Recorder (Art. no. TVVR33008)

This analogue HD digital recorder is a central surveillance unit for up to 8analogue HD cameras, which are connected to the recorder via analogue video cable. It saves the image data digitally on a hard disk drive. The data can be accessed as desired via app and web.

Live display and recording in HD
The 8-channel analogue HD digital recorder enables the recording and management of up to 8analogue HD cameras. Thanks to the hybrid function, modern analogue HD cameras (HD-TVI standard) and tried-and-tested analogue cameras can be used together in one system. The recorder is also Full HD-ready and can record and play back image data with 1080p resolution at 12 frames per second. This recorder is therefore perfect for upgrading existing analogue systems to HD or Full HD resolution.

Intuitive operating concept and app
The digital recorder is easy to operate via mouse and offers three different recording modes: after motion detection, according to a stored schedule or continuous recording. The free ABUS iDVR mobile app can also be used at any time and from anywhere to access the recorder, live images and recordings.

Easy commissioning
The cameras are easily connected to the BNC interfaces on the recorder via standard coaxial cables. The recorder can be started up immediately without any complicated setup or programming. Required accessory: one 2.5" SATA hard disk drive. Two ABUS IP cameras can also be integrated via the router.


  • Installation Software

    • ABUS CMS Win32/64 V3.1.1.55 Version: V3.1.1.55Release Datum: 21.08.2020Changes:Support of: TVHS20000;TVHS20010;TVHS20200;TVHS20210;NVR10020P;NVR10030P,NVR10098

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