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Innovative access control. That's what the new wAppLoxx System delivers. It combines the advantages of a traditional access control system with flexible and smart online management via the web or an intranet. Create and adjust locking plans, react instantly to events, open doors at the touch of a button and activate your alarm system: you can now do it all from the comfort of your home/Office or from anywhere on the go. An app even makes it possible to adjust Settings simply by using your smartphone. With the wAppLoxx, ABUS Seccor is ushering in a new era of access control – the era of access control 4.0.

wAppLoxx - innovative access control

wAppLoxx is the innovative solution for professional access control in private or commercial Setting.

  • Complete solution for access management in small to medium sized properties (1-20 doors)
  • Control and administration via your browser or app
  • Quick and easy creation of access rights (up to 150 people)
  • Arm/disarm burglar alarm systems easily

Comfort and security at home

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Even if no one is at home, access rights can be granted, for instance for cleaning staff.  If required, time restrictions can be applied. You can also granted access remotely to trusted persons with the wAppLoxx App.

Access control for business buildings

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Within a company, it is important to be able to optimally manage the access rights of staff. With wAppLoxx, you can adapt the system to staff changes or new employees in little to no time: a few clicks is all it takes to assign a new member of staff precisely the right authorisations.

Connection to the alarm system

Connection to the alarm system

Thanks to the wAppLoxx Control, you can control not only the access to your building but also your alarm system. It allows a maximum control of your building while reducing the number of operations and while preventing false alarms. To connect your alarm system to the wAppLoxx Control, simply link with cable your box to the alarm system. You can allow each user to arm or disarm the alarm system thanks to the online software. It couldn’t be easier!

The operator can arm or disarm the alarm system directly on the wAppLoxx cylinder. The arming or disarming request is sent via radio waves to the wAppLoxx Control, which directly communicate with the alarm system. 

Another perspective

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