Flood Detector (Art. no. HSWM10000)

  • Suitable for use on the floor in the kitchen, bathroom or basement
  • Immediate acoustic response to water contact
  • 2 contact points – directly on the detector or placed separately (cable length approx. 150 cm)

Flood Detector (Art. no. HSWM10000)

The ABUS water alarm is a technical detector, reacting to water and other liquids. If its sensors – to be installed directly at the detector or connected via a cable of up to 150 cm length – get in contact with water, the detector issues an alarm by the integrated sounder (85 dB(A) @ 1 m). The detector can be mounted to the floor in kitchen, bath, or cellar. Damages that are typically caused by bursting pipes or broken water hoses of washing machines or dish washers can be prevented by discovering them immediately and intervening quickly. Furthermore, the water alarm can be integrated into alarm systems.

Art. no.: HSWM10000
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 10.2x6.0x3.5 cm mm
Battery type: Block battery
Width: 60 mm
Type of detection: Resistance measurement
Housing material: ABS
Height: 102 mm
Cable length: 1,5 m
Length: 35 mm
Max. battery life: 3 year(s)
Max. operating temperature: 50 °C
Min. operating temperature: 0 °C
Installation location: Points at which moisture can occur
Net weight: 0,145 kg
Sound pressure: 85 dB
DC voltage supply: 9 V

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Flood Detector
  • 1x 9 V battery (alkaline)
  • 1x User manual


Flood detectors

ABUS flood detectors warn residents even about small leaks so that they can intervene in a timely manner. Another plus: even if water leaks in from a neighbor’s apartment while no is home, notification is sent to the alarm system, allowing fast action to be taken. ...
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