Extensions for the Terxon wired alarm panel = more security

The Terxon MX and Terxon LX wired and hybrid alarm systems can be retrofitted with wireless modules. Compatibility with the Secvest 2WAY alarm components in terms of function and appearance enables seamless integration into an alarm system. With the Terxon 2WAY modules, operation is also possible using bidirectional components.

Flexible thanks to wired or wireless extensions

You want an alarm system that can be flexibly adapted to your requirements? Then use the numerous possibilities which your Terxon MX or LX offers to adapt your system to your premises and business individually. The numerous components of this ABUS wired and hybrid alarm system enable you to remain flexible regardless of the architectural constraints of your location: Depending on your requirements, you can extend the system by eight zones using wired components and/or even wireless ones. With up to 256 zones, the Terxon LX provides the right response to security issues in the commercial sector.

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