Door bar for containers ConHasp Granit™ 215/100

  • Fits on standard transport and storage containers
  • Installation on both old and new containers possible
  • Can also be used on sliding doors, barn doors, lorries with double wing doors, etc.
  • Can be secured with existing padlocks (Insurer recommendation: Granit padlock)
* only 215/100 + 37/55HB100 and 215/100 + 37/55HB100

Door bar for containers ConHasp Granit™ 215/100


  • For additional security of e.g. containers
  • Use suitable padlock as locking device: 37RK/70HB100, 37/55HB100 or 83/80HB100
  • Extremely resistant steel
  • Manufactured with special welding technology for enhanced security
  • All parts corrosion resistant
  • 37/55 and 37RK/70 with ABUS-Plus cylinder and code card
  • VdS-certified: with 37RK/70HB100 and for 37/55HB100


  • Colour: black


The security rating of the hasp should always match the padlock. Consider buying security hasps, which have concealed screws, for example. Hardened steel loops that take the shackle of the padlock are concealed inside the hasp and thus provide optimal protection against attempts to break the lock open. ...
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