Control Panel Lockout Device P625 (Art. no. 86525)

The P625 console lock secures large control consoles, controls and connectors from unauthorised access.
  • Flexible yet strong material
  • Easy to use
  • Distinctive design

Control Panel Lockout Device P625 (Art. no. 86525)


Striking red colour plus large-format drawstring bag made of lightweight, durable material

The eye-catching, signal red colour of the P625 console lock ensures that accidental or unauthorised access is prevented. The drawstring bag is also made from lightweight yet durable material. It is closed using a drawstring, which is secured with a padlock.


  • Made from light yet durable polyester
  • Drawstring closure
  • Drawstring with five opposing metallic eyes for flexible closure

Operation and use:

  • Secure large plugs and consoles with a padlock or a hasp for added protection.
  • Flexible, water-repellent and resistant to heat and dirt
  • Easy to use


  • Should there still be a risk of manipulation, control panels can also be concealed in a standard plastic tube to prevent switches and buttons from being felt.
Art. no.: 86525
Depth: 250 mm
Inner Diameter: 250 mm
Length: 450 mm
Mounting Points: 1
Shackle Diameter: 7 mm
Weight: 131 g
Width: 250 mm
color: rot

Industrial Safety

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