Mechanical locking systems

Whatever your requirements to a locking system are - thanks to our wide product range, a high degree of flexibility and decades of experience, we will fulfil your individual requirements. From apartment building, large building complexes with different access permissions up to a prison – when security, efficiency and quality are in the center of your decision then choose ABUS locking systems.

Bravus MX Magnet

The Bravus MX Magnet offers the highest level of security – thanks to the integrated magnet technology, SKG*** security certification as standard, technical copy protection, patent ...


Modulares System MX

Called out to carry out servicing or an emergency opening, or need to order a locking system but do not know all of the cylinder lengths? With its brand-new MX option, ABUS has the perfect ...


System Bravus

Highest security standard. Patent protection until 2030*. Unlimited trade mark protection. Highest comfort for the user. No-holds-barred the new system Bravus guarantees the user extremely ...


System Integral

The system Integral is used in case of highest security demands. The extremely complex construction of the Integral cylinder with three planes of angles is protecting the cylinder from ...


System Standard

The Standard system stands for a reliable basic protection of private, industrial and public buildings. The three levels of this system offer flexible solutions for individual cylinders and ...


System V14, XV14, KV14

The system V14 is a highly-efficient all-rounder for small as well as very large locking systems and offers a very good price performance ratio for its users.


System Vitess

With patent protection until 2034*, unlimited trademark protection* and technical copy protection, Vitess provides you with reliable protection against cylinder and key tampering, along ...


System W14, XW14, KW14

The locking system W14 with its patented reversible profile provides increased peace of mind for private and industrial properties with a reliable basic protection. For high security ...


System Wavy Line pro

The system Wavy Line pro attracts with the unique waved code line of the key. The massive reversible key with the waved code line provides highest locking comfort to its users.


System Y14 Deltus

Due to its patented Intellitec system, the locking system Y14 Deltus sets new standards in copy protection. It ensures highest protection against illegal key copying and cylinder ...


System Y14, XY14

Thanks to its bent profile and the internal key stopper, the patented system Y14 protects safely against cylinder manipulation and illegal copies of keys. Both security levels Y14 and XY14 ...


System Z14, XZ14

The patented system Z14 is characterized by its internal key stopper which protects against picking attempts. The solid key of Z14 provides an elevated locking comfort.


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