Gate/fence security 131/140 GateSec™ Hasp (Art. no. 76824)

Our ABUS GateSec 131 hasp is suitable for gates and fences with round profiles.

Gate/fence security 131/140 GateSec™ Hasp (Art. no. 76824)


Our GateSec 131/140 hasp has been designed to secure gates and fences with a round profile.

Protect fences and gates with round profiles from being broken open. Our GateSec 131/140 hasp has been designed for construction fences, mobile barriers or garden gates with a round profile. The rounded edges of the hasp and the hardened steel provide a high cutting resistance so that the hasp cannot be broken open easily. In addition, the 131/140 is specially coated, which means increased corrosion protection. In combination with one of our Diskus padlocks, this hasp is therefore a good choice to secure higher value assets or objects on construction sites and the like against theft and vandalism.


  • Solid, hardened steel with rolled-off edges for enormously high cutting resistance
  • Eterna™ coating for extreme corrosion resistance
  • Special eyelet shape to protect the shackle from the most common attack methods
  • Can be mounted on both sides

Operation and use:

  • Protection of larger valuables / objects or in case of high theft risk
  • For securing single and double leaf gates with round profiles as well as construction fences
  • For use with a padlock
Technical drawing
Art. no.: 76824
Level: 10
Eyelet bore hole c: 12 mm
Length a: 140 mm
Packaging: individual box
Weight: 750 g
Width b: 38 mm
color: silver



The security rating of a hasp should always match the padlock. ABUS offers a wide range of security hasps. They feature concealed screws and hardened steel loops that are also concealed inside the hasp and thus provide optimal protection against attempts to break the lock open. ...
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