Hasp 142 Diskus® Integral

Security hasp with integrated Diskus® lock for sliding doors and gates without rebate
  • The DI142 Diskus® Integral hasp provides double protection by means of the integrated Diskus® lock and the solid metal lock casing.

Hasp 142 Diskus® Integral


The security value of the hasp should always be precisely matched to the respective padlock, because the two security products of hasp and padlock form a symbiosis in which the weakest link becomes extremely relevant to security.

ABUS offers a wide range of security latches at different security levels. You can recognise these hasps, for example, by concealed screws. In addition, hardened steel eyelets for the padlock shackle are encapsulated inside the hasp and thus provide optimum protection against break-in attacks. Together with the appropriate padlock, the hasp then ensures the highest level of security when securing the door and gate. Diskus Integral ABUS 142 was specially developed for securing sliding car doors and sliding gates, but can also be used on containers and barn doors. An ABUS diskus lock is inserted into the strong metal lock casing - unassailable from the outside - and thus ensures a high level of security.


  • Double protection: The integrated Diskus® lock (70 mm) is protected all the way around by a solid metal casing – attacks on the integrated lock are nearly impossible
  • Easy to operate with one hand due to handy frontal cylinder access
  • Cylinder cover - maximum protection against dirt and moisture
  • Solid metal locking case almost completely prevents successful attacks on the integrated padlock
  • Diskus® lock exchangeable
  • Incl. Fixing material

Operation and use:

  • Universal hasp with integrated Diskus® padlock for doors and gates as well as sliding doors and sliding gates without rebate
  • Optimal for use on sliding doors (transporters, panel vans)
Hasp 142/200 white 
Art. no. 81888

Level: 8
Length a: 222 mm
Packaging: blister packaging
Weight: 1270 g
Hasp 142/200 white + 26/70 
Art. no. 83983

Level: 8
Length a: 222 mm
Packaging: blister packaging
Weight: 1620 g



The security rating of a hasp should always match the padlock. ABUS offers a wide range of security hasps. They feature concealed screws and hardened steel loops that are also concealed inside the hasp and thus provide optimal protection against attempts to break the lock open. ...
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