Scaffolding Lock GRS2015A

ABUS Scaffolding Lock GRS2015A – the ideal protection for standing or mobile scaffolding made from steel or aluminium

Scaffolding Lock GRS2015A

The Scaffolding Lock GRS2015A provides fast and straightforward protection for erected standing or mobile scaffolding made from steel or aluminium. The stainless-steel bolt effectively secures scaffolding elements with a tube diameter up to 1 1/2". It also provides additional protection against saws as it rotates if sawing is attempted. The use of robust materials makes the product ideal for use in outdoor areas. The high-quality ABUS Plus disc cylinder ensures a high level of picking protection, the security card protects against unauthorised copying of keys.


Scaffolding lock

More and more scaffolders and scaffolding merchants, roofers, carpentry and painting contractors are being affected by thefts of scaffolding material.

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