Property video surveillance for securing commercial enterprises

Video surveillance from ABUS enables fast localization of threats and protects persons and material assets. If worst comes to worst, detailed recordings help answer questions. A broad range of cameras, components, and accessories guarantees an optimal video solution for your specific requirements and budget.

IP, HD-SDI, analog HD or analog - Different types of technology for variable video surveillance solutions

Effective video surveillance based on particularly clear image data. Depending on the area of application, location and individual security needs, the range of required camera functions varies for the type of security needed. In the following, we present you with different technologies – IP, HD-SDI, analog HD (HD-TVI) and analog – to give you an initial overview of the strengths of the individual camera types.

Video surveillance for commerce and industry

Video surveillance makes an invaluable contribution to a well-conceived security concept in the industrial sector. In addition to classic security tasks such as perimeter surveillance and protecting the external shell against vandalism, intrusion and industrial espionage, video systems can also be used for process optimization and to increase occupational safety.

Security for your business

Video surveillance will help you not only if an actual incident occurs, but also as a preventative measure and to solve crimes. Potential intruders are scared off by video surveillance, which will thwart any crimes in the first place. During critical situations, the surveillance video from your camera will allow you to maintain an overview at all times, to take action or coordinate the intervention by security staff. After an incident has occurred, the video recordings allow you to reconstruct the events quickly and clarify the circumstances.

All-purpose video surveillance solutions

The ABUS product range includes surveillance cameras and recording devices for virtually all fields of application. We provide a unique and extensive product portfolio, which includes both analog video technology (CCTV) and IP-based video surveillance as well as innovative hybrid solutions.

You will find that we have everything you need for a high-performance video surveillance solution. Consistent and ongoing development, premium quality craftsmanship and, last but not least, the harmonious interplay of components in video surveillance systems from ABUS will keep you safe. Allow yourself to be convinced by the variety of products available for every usage and every budget.

Powerful video surveillance solutions © ABUS

More about the right technology

Analog technology

Analog video cameras can be upgraded to a hybrid system using existing technology – your PC can be a video recorder.
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Image sensor

Pixim sensors with patented adjustment technology adapts each and every pixel in the ambient light: optimal for back-lit recordings.
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Analog video surveillance is now available in HD Learn more about the benefits of this sophisticated technology.
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IP cut filter

The infrared cut filter in the ABUS day/night cameras adjusts the light hitting the image sensor: in daylight, it filters out the disturbing infrared light.
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IP technology

IP technology is ideal for video surveillance: Video software makes any PC into a network recorder within an existing LAN or WLAN network.
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Many of the ABUS cameras operate with WDR (wide dynamic range) and HDR (hyper dynamic range) which optimize the images from back-lit recordings.
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Analogue HD

Available at reasonable prices, analogue HD cameras provide high-quality video image data. Analogue video surveillance is also very easy to install and operate as the cameras are simply ...



In the network-based or IP video surveillance, existing network connections can be used for transmitting video signals. The cameras compress the video signal and transmit it via the network ...


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