1/3" IR Vario Lens 2.9 – 8.2 mm DC Aperture AI (Art. no. TV8556)

  • Auto iris lens
  • Focal length 2.9 - 8.2 mm
  • Aperture: F1.0
  • Horizontal viewing angle: 98° - 35°
  • Compatible with IR light

1/3" IR Vario Lens 2.9 – 8.2 mm DC Aperture AI (Art. no. TV8556)

We expressly recommend having this product installed by a certified specialist.

The lens is a very important component of your camera. It regulates the incidence of light on the camera's CCD and thus ensures an optimal exposure of your pictures. All lenses have a standard mounting thread. You can easily mount CS-Mount lenses on any camera. The aspheric lenses ensure especially high-quality pictures and prevent poor focusing at the edges. The incidence of light through the iris is controlled by the camera's auto-iris function. The lens is connected to the camera with a DC plug. (The greater the focal length, the narrower the viewing angle and the nearer you can zoom in on the image.) The TV8552, TV 8553, TV8554, TV8555 and TV8556 lenses are IR-light compatible.

Art. no.: TV8556
Dimensions: (HxD) 45.0x43.5 mm
Aspherically ground:
Aperture: F 1.0
Horizontal angle: 98 − 35 °
Width: 43,5 mm
Focal length: 2,9 − 8,2 mm
Format: 1/3
Thread: CS
Height: 45 mm
Compatible with IR light:
Iris: Auto-Iris
Net weight: 0,019 kg

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All lenses for analog cameras from ABUS have a standardized connection thread. As CS-mount lenses, they can be easily installed. The aspherical lenses ensure especially high-quality images and prevent poor focusing at the edges. ...
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