Breakout Cable for Digital Recorder, 8 x BNC (Art. no. TVAC41920)

  • All camera inputs looped through and output
  • Suited for TVVR41110 and TVVR60010

Breakout Cable for Digital Recorder, 8 x BNC (Art. no. TVAC41920)

We expressly recommend having this product installed by a certified specialist.

Would you like to tap the camera signal of your digital video recorder (DVR) once more, in order to display it on additional monitors? To do so, connect the loop output of the DVR with the breakout cable and loop the signal to 4, 8 or 16 BNC cables. By this means, the breakout cable enhances the video signal. Owners or employees are thus not depending exclusively on the monitors in the control centre or at the gate - live images are displayed on additional monitors in any place where they are of interest (e.g. side entrances, loading ramps, back office). The breakout cable is available with 4 x BNC (TVAC41910), 8 x BNC (TVAC41920) or 16 x BNC (TVAC41930). TVAC41920 is suitable for the TVVR40010, TVVR40020 and TVVR5001 recorders. To loop through all 16 channels of the TVVR40020 recorder, two TVAC41920 cables are required (2 video loop outputs are provided for 8 channels).

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