16-channel Analogue HD Video Recorder (Art. no. HDCC90020)

  • Real-time recording and live display of all channels in full HD resolution (1080p)
  • Recorder compatible with analogue HD and analogue cameras
  • Max. transmission length via RG59/RG6 BNC cable from recorder to camera: 300/500 metres
  • PTZ and OSD control as well as video transmission via BNC cable
  • Smart search for easy evaluation of recordings on the recorder
  • Additional memory possible via network
  • Installation wizard for easy initial start-up
  • Supports four SATA hard disk drives up to 4 TB
  • Network connection for worldwide access
  • Mobile access via the iDVR Plus / iDVR Plus HD app

16-channel Analogue HD Video Recorder (Art. no. HDCC90020)

We expressly recommend having this product installed by a certified specialist.

Real time control in full 1080p HD
The 16-channel analogue HD video recorder allows the recording and management of up to 16 analogue HD cameras in full HD (1080p) or 16 analogue cameras in real time. The hybrid function allows combined operation of both analogue cameras and analogue HD cameras with the latest HD-TVI technology. This guarantees cost-effectiveness and return on investment, for example when converting and upgrading existing CCTV systems.
The recorder supports four SATA hard disk drives each with up to 4 TB for data storage.

Increased transmission range
A great advantage of HD-TVI technology is the line lengths across large distances that can be achieved without a reduction in quality. An HD-TVI signal (720p HD or 1080p full HD) can be transmitted in real time, for example, via a conventional RG59 cable (up to 300 metres) or RG6 cable (up to 500 metres). The range extends across both conventional analogue and HD-SDI devices. Both video and control signals such as PTZ and OSD controls are transmitted via a BNC cable.

Three analysis functions support video recordings with quick evaluation.
Smart playback: an area can be selected that only displays recordings in which movement occurs.
Trip wire: a line can be drawn that only displays recordings in which the line was crossed.
Intrusion detection: an area can be drawn that only displays recordings occurring within this area.

Mobile access via app from anywhere in the world
The network connection of the recorder provides global access to the video image data, which can be called up at any time from any place using the iDVR mobile app.

Art. no.: HDCC90020
Compliant with loi Sarkozy (FR only):
Total network throughput (input/output): 128Mbit (0 Mbit / 128Mbit)
Audio compression: G.711u
Audio bitrate: 64 kbit/s
Recording bitrate: 32 Kbit/s bis zu 10 Mbit/s
Recording frame rate: 1/16 fps bis zu 25/30 fps
HD-TVI video channels: 16
Dimensions: 470 x 95 x 445 mm
Alarm inputs (NO/NC): 16
Alarming: Acoustic warning, OSD signal, email
Views: 1 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 9 / 16
Audio: Audio In: 4 x cinch (2.0 V p-p, 1000 Ω), Audio Out: 1 x cinch (600 Ω)
Recording resolution @ frame rate per camera (NTSC): 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps, 1280 x 720 @ 30 fps, 640 x 480 @ 30 fps, 704 x 576 @ 30 fps, 352 x 288 @ 30 fps
Recording resolution @ frame rate per camera (PAL): 1920 x 1080 @ 25 fps, 1280 x 720 @ 25 fps, 640 x 480 @ 25 fps, 704 x 576 @ 25 fps, 352 x 288 @ 25 fps
Live view resolution: HDMI: 1920*1080/60Hz(1080P), 1280*1024/60Hz, 1280*720/60Hz, 1024*768/60Hz - VGA: 1920*1080/60Hz(1080P), 1280*1024/60Hz, 1280*720/60Hz, 1024*768/60Hz - BNC Output: PAL: 704×576, NTSC: 704×480
Recording modes: VCA (tripwire, intrusion detection), motion detection, alarm, motion detection and alarm, motion detection or alarm, time schedule, manual
Recording duration at max. resolution and frame rate: 37 hours/TB
Recording duration at min. resolution and frame rate: 291 hours/TB
User levels: 2
Operating mode: Triplex
Width: 470 mm
Gross weight: 9,6 kg
Storage: 3 x USB 2.0, 1 x eSATA
Total frame rate (PAL): 400 fps
Simultaneous network access: 128 channels
Hardware watchdog:
Height: 90 mm
Camera outputs: 1 x BNC (Analog CVBS)
Camera inputs: 16 x BNC (HD-TVI, Analog CVBS)
Length: 445 mm
Power consumption: 55 W
Max. operating temperature: 55 °C
Max. humidity: 90 %
Min. operating temperature: -10 °C
Mobile access: Yes (iOS/Android: iDVR Plus, iDVR Plus HD)
Monitor outputs: 1 x VGA, 1 x HDMI, 1 x Main BNC
Net weight: 7,2 kg
Network access: 1 x RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbps
Network functions: DVR: NAS saving, IP-SAN saving/recorder software: Live view, playback, data export/web interface: Live view, playback, data export, log files, settings/apps: Live view, playback
PTZ protocols: ABUS-Coaxitron, PELCO-D, PELCO-P, Samsung, LG-MULTIX
PTZ control: RS-485, HD-TVI
Relay output: 4 (maximum load: 12 V DC/1 A)
Tamper monitoring of video:
IP protection class: 20
Software: ABUS CMS software (Windows), iDVR Plus (iOS/Android), iDVR Plus HD (iOS/Android)
AC voltage supply: 100 - 240 V
Storage medium: 4 x SATA HDD (max. 4 TB), 1 x eSATA (max. 4 TB), 8 x network drive
Language of instructions: German, English, French, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Russian
OSD language: German, English, French, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Swedish, Russian
Control: Mouse, IR remote control, control panel housing, PC software, integrated web server
Streaming: 1080p / 720p / VGA / 4CIF / CIF
Stream 2: Recording resolution @ frame rate per camera (PAL): WD1 / 4CIF / CIF / QCIF / QVGA
Search modes: Smart search, VCA, event, date & time
Analog video channels: 16
Total video channels: 16
HD-SDI video channels: 0
IP video channels: 0
Video compression: H.264
Pre-alarm/post-alarm memory: 0~30 sec. / 5–900 sec.
Web server:
Certifications: CE, RoHS, REACH, C-Tick

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x DVR
  • 1x USB mouse
  • 5x Hard drive cable
  • 1x Server cabinet bracket
  • 1x Mounting material
  • 1x Recorder software (on CD)
  • 1x Quickstart guide
  • 3x Power cable


  • Installation Software

    • ABUS IP Installer v9.1.4 Version: v9.1.4Release date: 22.08.2017Filename: IP-Installer-Setup.exe (ABUS_IP-Installer_V9.1.4.zip)Changes:1. Removed ABUS VMS Express download link2. Added support for IPCB62500
    • ABUS CMS v2.3.2 Version: v2.3.2Release Date: 02.03.2017File name: ABUS CMS.exe (TVSW11001_ABUS_CMS_v2.3.2_03-2017)Changes:1. Display issue within remote configuration for DDNS settings with ABUS-Server solved2. Added VCA function for object counting and picture search
    • MAC OSX Plug-Ins MAC-OSX Plugin Collection:All Plugins can be installed at the same time.Version: v1.4Release Date: 23.06.2017Filename: ABUS_Web_Plugin_V1.4.pkgChanges:• Solved issue with low frame rate in live view page• Replaces Web-Video-Plugin 1.0 and 1.1Compatible to:• HDCC90000, HDCC90010, HDCC90020• TVVR30004, TVVR36000• TVVR33004, TVVR33008• TVVR36000, TVVR36500• TVVR41200, TVRR41210, TVVR41220• TVHD80000, TVHD80010, TVHD80100, TVHD80110, TVHD80120• TVIP52502, TVIP72000, TVIP81000, TVIP81100, TVIP82000, TVIP82100• TVIP11560, TVIP21560, TVIP41500, TVIP41560, TVIP41660, TVIP61500, TVIP61550, TVIP61560, TVIP82900, TVIP83900, TVIP86900• IPCS10020Version: v1.3Release Date: 11.08.2016Filename: Abus_IPC_Web_Plugin_V1.3.pkgCompatible to:• IPCB42500, IPCB42550, IPCB71500, IPCB72500• IPCB42501, IPCB42551, IPCB72501• IPCA33500, IPCA53000, IPCA62520, IPCA63500, IPCA66500, IPCA72520, IPCA73500, IPCA76500• IPCS85250Version: 1.2Release Date: 14.07.2016Filename: ABUS_Recorder_Web_Plugin 1.2.pkgCompatible to:• TVVR35002, TVVR35011, TVVR45021, TVVR45030, TVVR60011, TVVR60021 (3.3.4 Firmware)• NVR10010, NVR10020, NVR10030, NVR10040Version: v1.1Release Date: 06.01.2015Filename: ABUS_Web_Plugin_V1.1.pkgCompatible to:• TVVR35002, TVVR35011, TVVR45021, TVVR45030, TVVR60011, TVVR60021 (3.0.8 Firmware)• HDCC90000, HDCC90010, HDCC90020• TVVR33004, TVVR33008• TVVR41200, TVRR41210, TVVR41220• TVHD80000, TVHD80010, TVHD80100, TVHD80110, TVHD80120• TVIP52502, TVIP72000, TVIP81000, TVIP81100, TVIP82000, TVIP82100• TVIP11560, TVIP21560, TVIP41500, TVIP41560, TVIP41660, TVIP61500, TVIP61550, TVIP61560, TVIP82900• IPCS10020Version: v1.0Release Date: 03.11.2014Filename: ABUS_Retail_Web_Plugin_V1.0.pkgCompatible to:• TVVR30004, TVVR36000
    • ABUS CMS v2.02.22 Version: V2.02.22Release date: 08.11.2013Filename: ABUS CMS Software (ABUS CMS Software V2.02.22_11-2013.zip)Changes:1. Compatible with the recorder TVVR45030, TVVR41200, TVVR41210, TVVR41220, TVHD80100 and TVHD801102. Playback improved
  • Firmware

    • V3.1.6 Version: V3.1.6Release date: 23.09.2017File name: HDCC900x0_V3.1.6.capNote:After applying the firmware update you have to enter a secure admin password.You will prompted to enter a password with at least 8 digits and specials characters.Changes:1. Added new security conecept to force users are using a more secure password. The default password will be removed from recorder.
  • Helper Software

Required accessories:

3 TB 3,5" SATA HDD

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