PoE Injector, 60 W (Art. no. TVAC25005)

  • For transmitting data and power to High PoE-compatible network cameras via network cable
  • For cameras of up to 60 watt power consumption
  • Transmission range of up to 100 m
  • Compatible with ABUS model IPCS83500, IPCS82530, IPCS82520, IPCS82500

PoE Injector, 60 W (Art. no. TVAC25005)

For trouble-free and safe operation, this device must be installed and regularly maintained by a specialist trained by us. Arrange regular maintenance appointments with your installer to ensure trouble-free operation over the long term with the latest safety updates and new functions

Minimise your cabling work by installing IP cameras that work with the High PoE standard (60 Watts). With the help of the High PoE injector, you can operate this kind of camera via PoE even if your network components (switches etc.) do not support High PoE, PoE+ or PoE.

With the injector, the power supplied to the IP cameras that work with High PoE is fed via an Ethernet cable. The power is then supplied via the same network cable used to transfer the camera to the network – even if the available network components are not PoE-compatible and/or do not provide sufficient power for High PoE (60 Watts).

The advantage: There is no need to lay an extra power cable and the camera can be operated without a separate power supply unit. This means you no longer need to select a camera location with a local power supply (socket etc.) There is only a network cable running from the camera to the injector (max. cable length 100m) and the injector is connected to the network and the power cable on the other side.

The High PoE injector is compatible with the IPCS82520 camera model which requires High PoE (60 Watts) for its power supply.

Art. no.: TVAC25005
Width: 70 mm
Input voltage AC: 100 - 240 VAC
Height: 36 mm
Length: 180 mm
PoE Standard: 802.3af, 802.3at, 802.3bt

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x PoE Injector, 60W

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