Indoor Hemispheric IP Dome 3 MPx (Art. no. TVIP83900)

  • 360°/180° panorama views with up to 3 MPx resolution
  • Unobtrusive compact design
  • Digital, stageless panning, tilting or zooming without mechanical camera movement
  • Freely-configurable tours (Pan/Tilt)
  • Up to 25 fps real-time video
  • With alarm in- and output and audio in- and output

Indoor Hemispheric IP Dome 3 MPx (Art. no. TVIP83900)

We expressly recommend having this product installed by a certified specialist.

360° or 180° panoramic monitoring
The compact three megapixel hemispheric indoor IP dome camera offers an uninterrupted 360° field of vision, thus opening up new possibilities for use, and making it the ideal camera solution for a wide range of environments.
Ideal indoors
The camera can be used to monitor activity, track the flow of foot traffic and optimise building management. The integrated IRs have a range of approximately five metres, and boast clear video images – even at night. Power over Ethernet (PoE) facilitates the installation process.
A loudspeaker and a microphone can be connected using the audio inputs and outputs, and external sounders – such as sirens or lights – can be triggered over alarm inputs and outputs, reacting in the event of any detection.
Flexible views – simple operation
There are five image display options: 360° image, panorama image, double-panorama image, 360° view with three freely configurable positions, as well as a panorama image with three freely configurable positions.
The camera is easy to operate using the online interface: digital panning, tilting and zooming is incredibly easy to control, and the camera patrols are feely configurable.
The dewarping takes place in the camera and not later on the computer. This drastically reduces the image data before it is transferred and saved and lowers the volume of network traffic.

Please note, that the camera has 5 streams.
1. Stream > Fisheye View
2.Stream > Panorama View
3.+4.+5. Stream > PTZ Views
In order to use all 5 streams at one time in a NVR or software you have to provide 5 free channels.
An installation box (TVAC31280) and an installation box with ceiling bracket (TVAC31290) are available as extra accessories.

Art. no.: TVIP83900
ONVIF: Profile S
Image enhancement: True WDR, 3D DNR, BLC
Dimensions: 164 x 153 x 44 mm
Alarm input (NO/NC): 1
Connections: 1 x RJ45, 1 x DC, 1 x Alarm-In, 1 x Alarm-Out, 1 x Audio-In, 1 x Audio-Out
Resolution modes: Mode 1: 2048x1536 @ 25 fps (Fisheye) OR 4 x 800x600 @ 25 fps (ePTZ) / Mode 2: 1536x1536 @ 20 fps (Fisheye) AND 1600x1200 @ 20 fps (Dual-Panorama) AND 3 x 800x600 @ 20 fps (ePTZ) pixel
Motion detection:
Image sensor: 1/3" Progressive Scan CMOS
Pixels (effective): 2048(H) x 1536(V) pixel
Frame rate: 25
Aperture at minimum illumination (color): 2.8
Width: 164 mm
Focal length: 1.27 mm
Digital zoom: ePTZ
Electronic shutter: 1/25 s - 1/100000 s
Backlight compensation: BLC
Height: 44 mm
Horizontal angle of view: 180 / 360 °
IR LEDs: 3
IR range (up to): 15 m
Camera type: Hemispheric
Compatible with: ABUS Eyseo, VMS, NVR, HDVR, Hybrid DVR
Length: 153 mm
Power consumption: 11 W
Max. resolution @ frame rate: 2048 x 1536 @ 25 fps
Max. operating temperature: 60 °C
Max. humidity: 85 %
Min. operating temperature: 10 °C
Minimum illumination (color): 0,28 lx
Minimum illumination (IR): 0 lx
Video network bandwidth: 64 kBit/s - 16 MBit/s
Network access: RJ45
LAN network access: RJ45
Network camera protocols: IPv4/v6, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, Bonjour, UPnP, DNS, DynDNS, NTP, RTSP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, ONVIF
Lens: Fix
PoE: IEEE 802.3af
Noise reduction: 3D DNR
IP protection class: 24
Pan/tilt area: 360°/80° (ePTZ)
DC voltage supply: 12 (+/-10 %) V
Storage medium: microSD (128 GB)
Language of instructions: DE, UK, FR, NL, DK, PL, RU
OSD language: DE, UK, FR, NL, DK, PL
Control: ePTZ
Power consumption: 950 mA
Day/night switching: ICR/Color/B/W
Supported browsers: IE10, IE11, Chrome
Encryption: HTTPS
Video compression: H.264, MJPEG
Video system: IP
White balance: AWB
Certifications: CE, RoHS, Reach

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Indoor Hemispheric IP Dome 3 MPx
  • 1x Installation CD-ROM
  • 1x Quickstart manual


  • Installation Software

    • ABUS IP Installer v9.0.10 Changes:1. Activation function for ABUS IP devices with a modified user conceptAdded (initial password assignment)2. Initial password assignment for multiple devices at the same time possible3. Added new columns in the search results table (status,username, password, firmware, firmware update)4. Display the available firmware version on www.abus.com5. Firmware update of several IP devices at the same time possible6. Thumbnail can be resized7. Access data for an IP device only must be typed once8. Maximize and minimize the IP installer
    • MAC OSX Plug-Ins MAC-OSX Plugin Collection:All Plugins can be installed at the same time.Version: v1.4Release Date: 23.06.2017Filename: ABUS_Web_Plugin_V1.4.pkgChanges:• Solved issue with low frame rate in live view page• Replaces Web-Video-Plugin 1.0 and 1.1Compatible to:• HDCC90000, HDCC90010, HDCC90020• TVVR30004, TVVR36000• TVVR33004, TVVR33008• TVVR36000, TVVR36500• TVVR41200, TVRR41210, TVVR41220• TVHD80000, TVHD80010, TVHD80100, TVHD80110, TVHD80120• TVIP52502, TVIP72000, TVIP81000, TVIP81100, TVIP82000, TVIP82100• TVIP11560, TVIP21560, TVIP41500, TVIP41560, TVIP41660, TVIP61500, TVIP61550, TVIP61560, TVIP82900, TVIP83900, TVIP86900• IPCS10020Version: v1.3Release Date: 11.08.2016Filename: Abus_IPC_Web_Plugin_V1.3.pkgCompatible to:• IPCB42500, IPCB42550, IPCB71500, IPCB72500• IPCB42501, IPCB42551, IPCB72501• IPCA33500, IPCA53000, IPCA62520, IPCA63500, IPCA66500, IPCA72520, IPCA73500, IPCA76500• IPCS85250Version: 1.2Release Date: 14.07.2016Filename: ABUS_Recorder_Web_Plugin 1.2.pkgCompatible to:• TVVR35002, TVVR35011, TVVR45021, TVVR45030, TVVR60011, TVVR60021 (3.3.4 Firmware)• NVR10010, NVR10020, NVR10030, NVR10040Version: v1.1Release Date: 06.01.2015Filename: ABUS_Web_Plugin_V1.1.pkgCompatible to:• TVVR35002, TVVR35011, TVVR45021, TVVR45030, TVVR60011, TVVR60021 (3.0.8 Firmware)• HDCC90000, HDCC90010, HDCC90020• TVVR33004, TVVR33008• TVVR41200, TVRR41210, TVVR41220• TVHD80000, TVHD80010, TVHD80100, TVHD80110, TVHD80120• TVIP52502, TVIP72000, TVIP81000, TVIP81100, TVIP82000, TVIP82100• TVIP11560, TVIP21560, TVIP41500, TVIP41560, TVIP41660, TVIP61500, TVIP61550, TVIP61560, TVIP82900• IPCS10020Version: v1.0Release Date: 03.11.2014Filename: ABUS_Retail_Web_Plugin_V1.0.pkgCompatible to:• TVVR30004, TVVR36000
  • Firmware

    • TVIP8x900-V5.0.10 Version: 5.0.10Release date: 07.09.2015File name: digicap.dav***************************************************************************************Changes:1. Bug-Fix Audio function TVIP83900-> please reset the camera to default settings after firmware upgrade2. Change of language table DK

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