ABUS 83 Series: Rekeyable Padlocks for Every Application

Are your rekeyable padlocks usually time-consuming to service and do they take up a lot of stock space? Then the ABUS 83 Series is exactly what you need! Our famous rekeyable lock series offers many features that save you a great amount of time by making the rekeying process as easy as never before and that also enable you to save stock space by eliminating unnecessary variants for other shackle lengths or key-retaining.

Precision and quality, fast rekeying, easy shackle changing, function convertibility and the development of the NANO PROTECT™ plating for extreme corrosion resistance are standard with the ABUS 83 Series. The choice of hardened steel bodied padlocks and new lightweight TITALIUM™ aluminium padlocks further enhance what is already one of the worlds' best padlock offerings.


The Z-bar is a patented feature of the ABUS 83 Series. It is a small metal piece that enables a quick and easy change between key-retaining and non-key-retaining.


Pinning Window

Our patented pinning window makes rekeying of the cylinder easier than ever before. Exchanging of pins becomes a matter of seconds!


Interchangeable Core

Many 83 Series padlocks are also available with Interchangeable Core feature to allow for use with many different OEM keyways.


Easy Shackle Change

There are shackles in many different sizes and materials available for the 83 padlock series. Exchanging the shackle is quick and simple due to our patented Easy Shackle Change Tool.


83 Series Overview

Here is a list of all the different 83 Series models that are currently available:

83 Series Overview © ABUS

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