For More Possibilities: The ABUS Z-bar

The Z-bar is used to convert our 83 Series padlocks from key-retaining to non-key-retaining and vice versa within seconds. This can save you a lot of stock space because you don't have to stock both the key-retaining and the non-key-retaining version of the locks any longer.

Here is how easy it actually is to make the change yourself:

Z-bar Instructions (1)

1: Unlock padlock
2: Remove the #2 Phillips head screw in the shackle hole
3: Remove cylinder from the padlock.
Use the key to remove the cylinder after screw is removed.
It is important that the shackle is left in open position at all times until the reassembling is finished!

Z-bar Instructions (2)

4: For non-key-retaining remove Z-bar
5: For key-retaining insert Z-bar on the end of the cylinder with black dot facing up

Z-bar Instructions (3)

6: Reassemble padlock by replacing the cylinder. It is necessary to turn the cylinder to the open position when using the Z-bar. The cylinder should be flush with the base of the padlock body.
7: Re-install #2 Phillips head screw and tighten

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