Checklist child safety

Furnish your house or apartment in such a way that it is a safe place for children.

Our basic checklist for child safety shows you how safe your house or apartment is for children. If you go through the checklist and follow the tips there, your home will become a safe place for children of all ages!

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13 tips for more safety – our checklist for more child safety in your home

  • Equip all electric outlets with child-proof locks. Especially small children like to explore and test and try if e.g. a pen fits into the wall socket.
  • Protect your hot plates so that children cannot reach them. A simple solution is a safety grid which is available in well-sorted hardware stores.
  • All shelves and light cupboards should be fixed to the wall so that they cannot topple. Fix all furniture standing at the wall to it so that a climbing adventure does not end under the furniture.
  • Your windows should be equipped at least with lockable window handles to keep children from opening them themselves. If your windows are not equipped with window locks yet, then do so. They provide safety for your children and additionally protect against intruders. 
  • Drawers should be inserted in such a way that they cannot be drawn out completely. Appropriate stoppers are available in stores.
  • Make sure to have slip-proof steps in your house. Cover the steps with felt or other materials to minimize the danger of slipping.
  • Do not allow your children to play with cords around their necks. This increases the danger of suffocation.
  • If your children are alone at home and someone rings the doorbell, they should not be able to open the door directly. Stirrups and door chains make it possible to open the door only a few inches so that the stranger is not able to enter your home immediately. Another wise add is a blind spyhole with a big view angle.
  • Do not allow your child to ride a bicycle without a helmet – most fatal injuries in road accidents result from head injuries!
  • Make sure to buy children's clothing with reflecting stripes so that your child is visible even in bad lighting conditions.
  • Furnish all sharp edges and corners in all rooms with protection to minimize the possibility of injuries when children play.
  • Clear all electrical equipment and dangerous kitchen devices away right after use. Such devices always invite children to experiment.
  • Household detergents, medicine, cigarettes, and alcohol should be stored away where children cannot reach them or shut away.

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