Alarm systems provide additional protection from thieves

High-quality, basic mechanical protection is always the first step in a holistic security concept for your home. This will make life difficult for thieves looking to break into your house or apartment. However, as any mechanical protection system can be cracked if a criminal has enough time to practice his/her "craft" unmonitored, an alarm system should constitute the second stage of any security system. This will trigger an alarm if a break-in occurs or if one is even attempted.

What is an alarm system?

Alarm systems are also known as burglar alarm systems, security protection systems or intrusion detection systems. All common alarm systems work based on the same technical principle. They use a number of different sensors to detect a break-in into a building or security area. If sensors are used to detect smoke, water or toxic smoke, an alarm system will also alert you of these dangers, for example, by sounding a siren or calling a monitoring station.

What kinds of alarm systems are there?

We differentiate between wireless alarm systems, wired alarm systems and hybrid alarm systems. Hybrid alarm systems integrate wireless and wired components into one system. IP-based security protection systems represent a recent trend. These systems combine the diverse possibilities of modern network technology with tried-and-tested wireless and wired alarm technology.

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Unique worldwide: Mechanics + electronics = mechatronics from ABUS

In the area of alarm technology, ABUS applies its mechanical and electronic competence. We are the only company worldwide to offer a range of mechatronic alarms, which resist mechanical pressures of one tonne and trigger an alarm if a break-in is attempted.

Unique worldwide: Mechanics + electronics = mechatronics from ABUS © ABUS

ABUS alarm systems for intruder protection

More about alarm systems

Why use an alarm system?

Time and again the police confirm the effectiveness of alarm systems; nevertheless, they are not installed in many. You will find arguments for installing an alarm system here.


The alarm chain

An alarm chain is made up of three components: Detector, alarm panel and alarm. On the next page we explain how exactly the alarm chain works.


Comparison of wired and wireless alarms

Comparison of wired and wireless alarms – find out what you need to know here. Find out more about the advantages and application areas for both technologies.


History of the alarm system

In 2013 we celebrate the 160 anniversary of the alarm system. Learn more about the history of the alarm system from the first patent in 1853 to the modern networked ABUS systems.


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