Why use a locking system?

Locking systems provide security and control access authorization

Whether in administrative buildings, production plants, public institutions, hospitals, commercial or private buildings, now more than ever security is a top priority in society.
A locking system or simultaneous locking facility is also very beneficial and convenient for smaller properties and residential buildings.
For example, you can install a cylinder with the same lock in each door in a detached house (e.g. entrance door, post box, cellar door and garage). The advantage of this is that each family member needs just one key for all doors, making huge bunches of keys a thing of the past.

Whether protecting your valuables or your nearest and dearest – ABUS offers tailor-made solutions to meet all of your security needs.

Locking systems provide access control

Having to carry huge bunches of keys and operate a complicated key management system not only costs time, it will also test your patience. Modern locking systems from ABUS enable state-of-the art building management. From janitors to office staff, everyone is given just one key for his/her particular area in the organization.

The same applies to electronic locking systems. Here too, the user needs just one chip key or proximity locking device to unlock all the doors he/she is authorized to use. These authorizations can be managed flexibly and modified as required.

Systems with an additional code option are also used in the domestic sector. The advantage here is that the user can use his/her own code to open the door if it closes accidentally or if he/she has forgotten the key or chip card.

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