ABUS: Comprehensive protection from basement to roof

Did you know that comprehensive security options are available to protect your home from the basement right up to the roof? From basement windows to skylights, balcony doors to front doors – there are a whole host of solutions to choose from when it comes to making your home burglar-proof. In fact, no matter how many vulnerable areas there are in your home, we’re sure to have a suitable solution. You may not think your home has many weak points, but – if you think about it – every single entry point could potentially be your home’s Achilles’ heel.

The Virtual House: your ABUS security advisor

The ABUS Virtual House is a practical security advisor, helping you identify with ease the places in your home that need securing. Alternatively, if you have already taken measures to secure your home, for instance, it can show you where improvements can still be made. You can discover this across three interactive levels.

Practical examples: suggestions for discussion with your specialist dealer

The Virtual House provides examples of the many different ways you can secure your home. It goes without saying that not all security products are suitable or required for every home, as it will always depend on the individual circumstances there. For this reason, we recommend that you print out the solutions that interest you the most and head to your local specialist dealer to receive expert advice tailored to your needs. You can search for specialist dealers using our ABUS dealer search tool, which is located in the upper right hand corner of the page, or you can simply click here.

How to protect your home – across three levels

  • Level 1:
    Mechanical basic protection | Nip break-ins in the bud!

    Don’t (just) rely on sliding a bolt across to prevent break-ins – invest in comprehensive mechanical basic protection.

  • Level 2: 
    Alarm | Mobile alerts

    There’s an intruder trying to break into your home. But lucky for you, you’ve just had a notification sent straight to your phone.

  • Level 3:
    Video | Live monitoring and video evidence for insurers in the event of a claim

    When it comes to insurance claims, it's very helpful to have video footage of an intrusion, but live images of your house can also be exceptionally reassuring when you’re out and about.

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