red dot design award

The presentation of the red dot design award, the "red dot", is a globally-approved quality certificate for outstanding design. The red dot design award is given to work and products that impress a high-class jury of experts with their outstanding design quality. The qualification is based on the principle of selection and presentation. The exhibits that are presented with an award are also exhibited for at least one year in the red dot design museum, a design museum located in Essen, Germany. The award with the red dot is a sign that a product is one of the best in design and business.

red dot design award

ABUS products with awards

Lyria (red dot design award 2013)

The range incorporates four models – each of them convincing with a stylish look in a dark blue, water-repellent and robust PU-material, 600D Polyester and 210DOxfordNylon. They enable varied applications, even away from the bike. Using the KLICKfix bracket system, the bags can be fastened to the bike without any trouble. 


Bordo 6000 (red dot design award 2011)

Rather like a folding rule in the way it works, the Bordo combines flexibility with a compact size that makes ti easy to carry and a high level of security. The practical carrying bag that is easy to attach, the soft silicone cover and the soft-coated steel bars have all contributed to the massive success of the lock, which has won multiple awards.


Urbanaut (red dot design award 2011)

Safety meets design – this motto could be used to describe the Urbanaut helmet. A helmet that combines two types of shell and uses helmet material with different densities. These values mean that the helmet will not only be a favourite of Pedelec (electric bikes) riders, but also popular as a skiing helmet. The adjustable ventilation and optional winter kit are also ideal for these purposes. The LED rear lighting system also received special praise as a safety feature for riding in the dark.

Standard Kamera

Standard cameras (red dot design award 2010)

The ABUS standard camera with its outstanding design and compact layout sets new standards, and it received the "red dot" for high design quality in the 2010 product design sector.


Urban-I (red dot design award 2009)

Designed as a helmet for the city, the Urban-I has evolved to become a model of success that embodies urban safety. Its practical shape coupled with stylish design and discreet colours, features that are all particularly popular with commuters, have also made it a favourite of the trade press. 


Detecto RS1 (red dot design awards 2009)

The ergonomic top shell, which was designed using high-resolution graphics, provides a brand new look. Even functionality lives up to what the design promises. The newly-designed snap n’ go feature enables single-handed locking and activation of this alarm brake disc lock. Thanks to highly-developed electronics the alarm is triggered at the slightest sign of any movement. 

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