The right care does the trick: Locking your cylinder without any problems

Follow our tips for care of the cylinder to ensure that it locks effortlessly:

  • Do not install the door cylinder forcefully.
  • For safety reasons, be sure that the cylinder protrudes no more than 3mm from the door (in acc. with DIN).
  • Use primarily break-in resistant strike plates.
  • Only lock and unlock it with an undamaged key.
  • Always be sure to push the key in until it hits the striker.
  • Never turn the key forcefully.
  • Open the door with the door handle and not by pulling on the turned key.
  • Do not leave the key in the lock permanently; this puts stress on the cylinder.
  • Perform maintenance from time to time on the cylinder with ABUS Maintenance Spray PS88. Do not use oil!

Overview of tips for care - for download and print (PDF)

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