The right key for your lock - secure ordering of additional keys

Need a replacement key or additional key for your ABUS lock cylinder, bike lock, or padlock?

You can order replacement keys from a specialty retailer in your area. Depending on which lock cylinder you are using, you can submit either a sample key or a code number for the additional order. If the cylinder has an owner protection card, the card must be presented. In this case delivery can take a few days since the retailer cannot make the key themselves, but must request it from ABUS. Other replacement keys - even the kind with a code card - can usually be made by your specialized security retailer right away.

Cylinder with owner protection card - an investment in your security

The owner protection card for the lock cylinder guarantees that only people who have the right to do so can get your key copied. It authorizes the milling of an identical key and must be presented at the specialist’s shop.

Sometimes keys are given away so thoughtlessly in private as well as commercial realms. If the key user has the wrong intentions, “black” keys can easily enter circulation without the knowledge of the key’s original owner. This can cause you to lose track of how many keys are in circulation and which people have access to your building.

The solution: Replace your door cylinder and use a cylinder with an owner protection card. Our ABUS specialized retailers will gladly advise you in this matter. Additional keys can only be created for this lock cylinder if the owner protection card is presented. That way you have peace of mind knowing that no illegal copies of your key are being circulated.

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