Security for your company – Why does a company need security?

Anyone wishing to protect their company effectively must prevent any unauthorized access to the property and to specific areas. Mechanical locks and alarm systems prevent or detect any forced intrusion, video surveillance keeps an eye on everything that is happening and provides valuable evidence. With the aid of locking systems or access control systems any unauthorized person can be excluded from specific areas during periods of regular operation.

A company is usually not a homogeneous building, it rather consists of various areas and departments, all of which have different requirements with regard to security and access. A locking system or an access control system provides the company with several ways to define access rights to and within the company thereby limiting any risks involved. This makes it easier to determine who can go where. Enabled by an electronic system, access rights can also be linked to date and time.

Access control systems can also be combined with alarm systems or electronic equipment such as elevators, roller blinds or electronic doors, and expanded to create a more practical and convenient security system. Together with video surveillance, it is therefore possible to increase security at the company significantly, while establishing a user-friendly system that employees are also happy to accept.

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