Locking systems for all areas

Locking systems provide access control throughout the property

Too many keys and a badly organized key management system are now things of the past. Modern locking systems from ABUS enable state-of-the-art building management. From janitors to office staff, everyone is given just one key for his/her particular area in the organization. In combination with a professional key management system, it is now possible to maintain a clear overview of all users and their access rights.

Electronic surveillance control systems are another alternative. Seccor high security GmbH, a subsidiary of the ABUS Group, provides premium-quality systems to meet any requirement. The electronic lock cylinders can be controlled by means of a chip key, a proximity locking device (e.g. a card) or by entering a code. Software enables locking schedules to be set up and administered in a flexible way. Locks can be controlled individually in terms of who can enter which area. For systems with time and logging features, locking rights for certain areas can also be issued with specific time and date restrictions. Another advantage is the ability to respond quickly to specific situations: if a key is lost, for example, it can be deactivated without delay.

Entrance surveillance using a video camera

Access control in entrance area with video surveillance

A company's entrance area is a highly sensitive zone, which should be monitored and secured 24/7. With surveillance cameras from ABUS you can view all your company entrances at any given time. High-resolution video recordings help you to identify actual and potential criminals.

Check who is coming and going

You are perfectly entitled to know who is coming and going and you are also able to check: what the person who entered the building was wearing, when they entered and what they had on when he left. Who did the person contact? Did the person behave in an unusual way?

The entrance area provides the opportunity for another useful application of video surveillance: since people always stand at the door in the same position, you can also use video cameras to identify faces. This means that in some cases you can dispense with security staff, who may appear unwelcoming and harsh. This saves money and creates a friendly and inviting impression for visitors.

Entrance surveillance through video camera © ABUS

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