ABUS security glossaries: Security from A to Z

Alarm systems

Do you know what the definition of an "alarm system" is? What is meant by a "zone"? All this and much more from the world of alarm technology is explained in our comprehensive glossary.


Home security

Technical terms relating to mechanical and home security are presented here in a brief and handy form.


Mobile security

Are you confused by mobile security? Our glossary will help you with the most important terms.


Locking systems

Terms related to locking systems, explained in brief – available in our security glossary. You can find information on everything from "Alarm" to "Zip fastener".


Video surveillance

Technical terms from the field of video technology with brief explanations: from A as in "analog" to W as in "wipe", you will find all the important terms in our video glossary, explained ...


Electronic locking systems & access control

What are proximity tags, chip keys and other special terms mean? Here you can find the answers.


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