Security glossary: Mobile security

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ABUS level system Assessment of each product in terms of security (75%), comfort (20%) and design (5%)
ADFC Biggest German Cycling Club (Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club)
Anti-drilling protection Additional protection preventing the cylinder from being drilled and therewith being destroyed
Automatic lock Self-locking lock, e.g. Steel-O-Flex 800
Automatic locking mechanism Automatic locking without key
Ball locking mechanism Blocking element for high-quality bicycle locks or padlocks, e.g. ABUS Granit
Basic protection Basic mechanical protection against simple opening methods  
Bicycle insurances Insurance against consequences of theft and damage
BKA German Federal Office of Criminal Investigations 
Bolt cutter Heavy device for cutting through steel, can be used to force a lock open
Bracket Transport device for locks
Brake disc lock Lock that is placed in a brake disc, mainly for motorbikes and scooters
Catch-type chin strap Adjusting mechanism for helmets
Chain lock The fixed combination of a locking mechanism with a chain
Classification system   Categorization of ABUS security product range into three security classes: Maximum, Extra, Standard and different levels form 1-25
Claw wrench Heavy crowbar, used to break or twist locks open brutally
Clearance rate Percentage of cleared crimes
Code card   The digital code reflects the key cuttings and the card helps to safeguard the code when a key gets lost
Coil cable lock Cable lock with spiral design and consequently elastic effect
Cold test Test simulation under extreme temperatures
CombiFlex Compact combination lock with wire cable with a roll-up function
Combination lock Lock with number combination
Corrosion protection Protective measures against rust formation
Crowbar Simple tool (e.g. steel bar) for torsion attacks on locks
Cutting resistance Test method for cutting through a lock
Cutting test Test method, simulation of a bolt cutter
Deterrence Visible securing measures of vehicles or objects act as a deterrent to thieves
Disc cylinder High-grade locking cylinder, usually very good against picking
Diskus Well-known, classical form of ABUS padlock – "Diskus" series  
Double bolt design Both sides of a shackle lock are equipped with a locking mechanism preventing against the turning and removal of the shackle especially in cut condition
EXTRA Class cylinder Dimple cylinder with reversible key
Fabric strap Fastening strap for Tex-KF brackets
Frame lock Lock for permanent mounting onto rear section of the bike, sometimes also called ring lock
Granit Qualifies the product which belongs to the top of its category
Hardened Special steel treatment to withstand violent attacks, in particular sawing and cutting
Head ring adjustment system Size adjusting mechanism for helmets
Hexagon chains Increased security thanks to chamfered chain links
Ice spray Method for overcoming locks by cooling down the material in hope to make the material more impact sensible. Look out for products tested with ice spray! 
Impact test Test method, simulation of a heavy hammer
In-Mold Premium-quality processing method for bike helmets, direct fusion of the EPS with the outer shell
Inner shell Impact-absorbing helmet shell made of EPS
Key alike One key for several or different products with the same cylinder e.g. chain and shackle lock
Key profile Contour of key
Keyhole cover Prevents dirt or dust from entering the cylinder or locking mechanism
KLICKfix bracket Patented bracket system for locks and bags
LKA Office of Criminal Investigations of a German State
Lock body Housing around the locking mechanism
Lock-chain combination Lock consisting of chain and padlock
Looped cable Cable for component locking
Lower edge protection Scratch and impact protection for bicycle helmets on the lower edges
Neck guard Extended lower edge on helmets to protect the neck area
PC shell Outer shell for bike helmets carrying the colourful designs
Picking Manipulation of the lock cylinder with tools
Plus cylinder Special disc cylinder providing high protection against picking. Mainly used for premium-quality bike locks and padlocks 
Power cell technology Patented blocking system for high-quality locks to improve resistance against impact and pulling attacks, e.g. ABUS Granit X-Plus
PS 88 ABUS cylinder maintenance spray (clearing, lubricating)
Pulling test Test method simulation e.g. car jacks
Replacement key Key copy
Reversible key Key that can be used with either side up
Ring lock Frame lock with ring like shaped closing shackle
Security code card See "Code card"
Shackle diameter Shackle thickness
Shackle guards Steel cover of the lock shackle, e.g. on disc brake locks protecting against violent attacks (e.g. bolt cutter) 
Shackle lock Lock with high steel shackle
Shackle width Inner space between the two sides of the shackle
Slider Adjusting mechanism for helmets straps below the ear
Spare key Key copy
Steel shells Hardened cable protection for Steel-O-Flex locks
Steel-O-Flex Cable lock with hardened steel shells that surround the cable like an armour
Stiftung Warentest German consumer-oriented testing institute
Swivel shackle frame lock Special frame lock, mainly used in Scandinavia
Temple protection Extended lower edge on children's helmets in temple area
Test institute National test institution wich certifies locks according to self installed rules, in some countries such certificates are obligatory for insurances
Test lab See "Test laboratory"
Test laboratory Brutal and intelligent lock opening scenarios are simulated here
Tex-KF fixing bracket Klick-Fix bracket with fabric strap fastening that allows mounting on different frame shapes and diameters
Time-resistance ratio Effectiveness of products measured in time of resistance against opening methods
Torsional resistance Lock resistance against twisting
Tubular cylinder Simple round cylinder for inexpensive bike products
TÜV German Technical Inspection Agency (testing agency)
Wall anchor Firmly anchored ring to attach your lock onto
X-Plus cylinder Special disc cylinder for high-grade bike locks and padlocks

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