Reliable tips to protect against bicycle theft

Year in year out, several hundred thousand bicycles are stolen in Germany. And the solve rate remains consistently low at ten percent. Once the bike is gone, there's a very low chance of getting it back. A good lock is the best way of avoiding this happening. Take the following rules to heart, don't tempt thieves in any way whatsoever:

Choose lit, well-frequented places to leave your bike.

Thieves don't like light or people! The best place for your bike at night is a locked room, e.g. a cellar or garage, and it should always be secured with a bicycle lock.

Protect it every time and everywhere

If you don't protect your bike – even if you're just stopping off at the kiosk – you are taking a high risk. Statistics show that opportunist thefts account for about 30 percent of all bicycle thefts.

Not only locked but locked to something!

It's not enough to simply lock your bicycle whenever it is left unattended for a longer period. Modern bikes are light and can be carried away quickly. Whether a bicycle stand, lamp post or metal fence: a bike must be locked to something and whatever you choose, it must be at least as secure as the lock itself.

Value needs quality

The more expensive the bicycle, the better the lock should be. You should invest ten percent of the bike's value to get adequate protection. Apart from being extremely difficult to force open, these models also deter potential thieves.

No excuses: there's always room

The ABUS Bordo folding lock is compact and provides very good protection: It is designed like a folding ruler and can be placed flexibly around even large objects such as thick lamp posts. And the lock with its handy size fits in a practical plastic case on the frame or even in the pocket of your trousers.

Safety in the cellar by forming a “cluster”

If bicycles cannot be locked to something, for example in the hall or cellar, simply lock several bikes together – lock the mountain bike to the old Dutch bicycle and then lock your son's racing bike to both of them. Even the strongest bicycle thief won't be able to heave such a bulky 35 kilo package up the cellar stairs.

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