Video surveillance protects industrial and commercial objects

Video surveillance, or closed-circuit television (CCTV) is of huge benefit for protecting industrial and commercial objects. In addition to traditional protection tasks such as perimeter and external surveillance against vandalism, break-ins and espionage, video systems also help optimize processes and ensure health and safety at the workplace.

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Typical applications for video surveillance in commerce and industry

Protecting trade secrets

According to state criminal investigation authorities, one out of every two companies is affected by white-collar crime. Video surveillance can deter potential criminals or help identify them actually perpetrating the crime thanks to facial recognition.

Optimising production and processes

Video cameras can provide an overview of the division or production line and can also be directly integrated into systems to monitor processes where they happen.

Securing offices and commercial buildings

In addition to warehouses and salesrooms, offices are a prime target for thieves. Possible crimes range from daylight robbery by staff or service providers to break-ins by gangs and white-collar crime.

Monitoring car parks and open areas

Who is going in and out of your premises? This is one of the many questions that effective video surveillance of driveways and car parks can answer. It can even help avoid or clarify incidents such as vandalism, illegal parking (in disabled, visitor and women-only parking spaces) or hit-and-runs.

Efficiently tracking logistics and storage

Surveillance systems prevent the disappearance of goods from warehouses and are increasingly being used to monitor processes in production lines or packing systems. This means that video surveillance can play a key role in boosting efficiency in your company.

Typical applications for video surveillance in commerce and industry © / ABUS

ABUS products for protecting industrial and commercial objects

  • Recording for professionals: HDVR complete solution, in a network or analogue
  • See more with megapixel and HD cameras [#Link Produkte]
  • PCB cameras [#Link Produkte] from ABUS record automatic processes
  • Automatic guard: set up professional camera patrol tours with PTZ speed domes [#Link Produkte]

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