Videoüberwachung für Observationen und mobile Einsätze © ABUS

Video surveillance for observation and mobile use

Mobile video surveillance must meet special requirements and facilitates a wide range of interesting applications. Here, the focus is on observation, video evidence for security services or monitoring of construction sites. You can, however, also use mobile video applications in your leisure and free time, for example, to document holidays or film action-packed trips from unusual angles.

Mobile video surveillance in action

Construction sites

Once work stops at the end of the day, construction sites are deserted, and there is not enough security. Materials and machinery are therefore frequently targeted by thieves. Above all, the theft of fuel from construction vehicles and of valuable construction materials such as copper wire or metal components has risen dramatically.


Investigative work and security

Detectives and security personnel have particular requirements in terms of flexibility, mobility and quality. ABUS has a range of mobile, battery-operated recorder systems in its portfolio, which record to SD cards and can also meet these requirements.



Travel and leisure

Mobile ABUS video systems can also be used for leisure time and hobbies. Many customers use them, for example to film motorbike trips, model airplane flights or spectacular mountain-climbing expeditions for themselves and their friends. You can, of course, also use them to monitor your caravan or hotel room when on holiday without having to carry much extra weight in your luggage.

Mobile video surveillance in action © ABUS

ABUS products for mobile video surveillance

  • Small in size, but not in ability: mini camcorders integrate camera and video recorder in a thumb-sized housing
  • Suitable accessories are available for on-site use
  • Saving data simply on mobile memory cards

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