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Protect yourself from thieves and burglars

According to police statistics, theft is usually committed by opportunists. Most thieves take advantage of an opportunity when they are not being observed. Without effective protection, using video surveillance for example, most culprits would not be caught and most crimes would remain unsolved.
According to the police, about 20 percent of thieves are caught. This statistic, along with the fact that more than 60 percent of thieves strike again, shows that you can achieve a fast return on investment by installing a carefully thought-out surveillance system which can catch or deter thieves on their first break-in attempt.

Protect your home and your business

According to police criminal statistics for 2010, the number of break-ins and burglaries is on the rise again.

The theft of private valuables, equipment from warehouses or confidential data from a development department leads to great financial damage. Even if thieves get away with a small loot, break-ins cause considerable psychological damage. Residents and staff no longer feel safe after a break-in. The impact that crime has on peace-of-mind, quality of life and commitment at the workplace must not be underestimated, and the follow-on costs may well exceed the material damage caused.

Protect your home and your business © ABUS

Reduce inventory differences and the disappearance of goods

Customers, staff and delivery personnel are constantly going on and off the shop floor or in and out of warehouses. Here, it is often not possible to install mechanical protection systems without impacting on people's shopping experience or on day-to-day operations. Therefore, the number of shopliftings and thefts of goods by staff are rising. The stock you lose as a result has a significant impact on your profit.

What's more, statistics show that theft from shops and warehouses drops significantly when CCTV is installed, as do the financial losses incurred.

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Secure your construction equipment and your fleet

Cars or construction machinery kept outdoors are easy prey for clever thieves. Company cars and trucks are stolen directly from company car parks, cars are driven away from garage forecourts and construction equipment is simply loaded into the back of vans in the middle of the night. Even vehicles parked in fenced spaces are not safe from thieves. According to a German press report, cheeky thieves escaped with over 1,000 litres of fuel in one case.

Before you fall victim of such theft, you would rather want to install powerful day-and-night cameras from ABUS to serve as video surveillance in outdoor spaces.

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