Sophisticated technology for the best pictures

In video surveillance, the most important thing is always image quality – effective protection can only be achieved if recordings are of a high quality. Thanks to finely tuned technology, ABUS cameras are well suited for all application areas, whether you need to record accurate images or use the system in fluctuating lighting conditions. Megapixel and Pixim technology are just some of the technologies available that guarantee perfect images, even if you have to fulfil special requirements. 

Sophisticated technology for the best pictures © ABUS

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Optimal lighting

Find out more about the technologies which enable ABUS cameras to provide excellent image quality in all situations – day and night –, e.g. noise suppression, brightness compensation ...


ABUS products with the correct technology for video surveillance

  • Zoom cameras with auto-focus are flexible and zoom in accurately on a surveillance area
  • Use PIR network cameras to integrate video surveillance with your alarm system
  • Video servers export your analogue video data to the digital network.
  • WLAN cameras can be easily integrated into an existing computer network
  • Use suitable lenses to equip your camera for any use

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